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project image - Post Frame Building #5463

Post Frame Building #5463

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 16 ft.
 The classic red and white color combination looks superb on this 40'x40'x16'.  12' open lean-to's on each side provide an attractive drop in the roof line at the eaves accentuated by the 2' overhangs all the way around.  The front gable incorporates a 3' bird's peak (prow) and the...

project image - Monitor Pole Building W/ Lean-to #6061

Monitor Pole Building W/ Lean-to #6061

Dimensions: 36 x 50 x 16 ft.
 The pole building has a Monitor-style layout with additional features.  The main portion of the project is 36'x50'x16', flanked by 12'x50'x10' enclosed lean-to (shed) on either side.  Off the back wall of the structure is another 12'x60' open lean-to.  The roof lines intersect...

project image - Custom Shop with RV Storage #5807

Custom Shop with RV Storage #5807

Dimensions: 44 x 70 x 14 ft.
 This remarkable project consists of a 44' x 70' x 14' clear-span "Monitor" style pole structure with a 12' x 70' x 12' lean-to on one side for RV parking.  The center section of the "Monitor" style is 20' wide with an integrated 3' jump in the roof lines.  This...

project image - Unikey


Dimensions: 60 x 140 x 16 ft.
This highly customized commercial project includes all the upgrades!  One of our most popular projects, this 60'x140'x16' pole structure incorporates (3) 12'x14' overhead doors, (2) 3068 Entry doors, 2' roof overhangs, stone wainscoting, multiple 5040 sliding windows, shake-style siding in the...

project image - Servicemaster


Dimensions: 80 x 126 x 18 ft.
This is a flagship facility for a large regional service provider and includes office and warehouse space and encloses over 10,000 square feet on the ground level and 3,5000 square feet on the second level.  (3) 14'x14' overhead doors on the back provide ample access to the warehouse...

project image - PLM Land

PLM Land

Dimensions: 80 x 150 x 18 ft.
This project is composed of (3) 80'x35'x18' & (1) 80'x36'x18' pole structures.  The owner requested separate areas with which to provide flexible tenant spaces.  The majority of the area incorporate office space in the front with warehouse space in the back or side.

project image - 50x40x18 Office & Shop #4176

50x40x18 Office & Shop #4176

Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 18 ft.
This commercial project incorporates a 30x30x18 2-story office structure and a 50x40x18 shop pace.  Also attached, is (1) 20x10 Lean-to providing covered entry and access and (1) 12x40 Lean-to in the back for outside storage.  The office space is finished with drywall, insulation,...

project image - 40x60x8 Office and Shop #3271

40x60x8 Office and Shop #3271

Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 8 ft.
This project consists of a 40x60x8 main office structure with an attached 30x40x18 shop space.  The office space is finished with insulation, drywall, electrical and plumbing packages.  The shop space includes (1) 14x16 overhead door.

project image - 30x46x9 Office Space #3107

30x46x9 Office Space #3107

Dimensions: 30 x 46 x 9 ft.
This office project was constructed with insulation, finishes, electrical and plumbing packages to create a comfortable and cost efficient workspace for the owners.

project image - 50x40x22 Commercial Business #887

50x40x22 Commercial Business #887

Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 22 ft.
This commercial office/ warehouse space consists of a main 50x40x22 office structure complete with a second floor, insulation, finishes, electrical and plumbing packages.  The connected shop space is 30x90x14 with (5) overhead doors. An additional Lean-to has been installed to the office...

project image - 40x80x14 Commercial Structure #2306

40x80x14 Commercial Structure #2306

Dimensions: 40 x 80 x 14 ft.
This project consists of a 40x80x14 main structure with (2) 4x30 covered entries.  Interior finishes included R-19 wall insulation, R-30 roof insulation, 5/8" gypsum, electrical and plumbing packages.

project image - 44x54x18 Monitor #2313

44x54x18 Monitor #2313

Dimensions: 44 x 54 x 18 ft.
This is a fantastic Monitor style horse and hay barn.  Built on the hillside above Long Lake, the barn features a 20x54x18 center section and (1) 12x54x10 Lean-to on each side.  (4) fixed windows located at the roof step on either side of the structure allow natural lighting and large...

project image - Custom Living Quarters #2881

Custom Living Quarters #2881

Dimensions: 24 x 36 x 20 ft.
This project consists of a main 24x36x20 section flanked by (1) 8x36x10 shed on either side.  Also attached, is a 24x26x10 garage.  The main section utilizes scissor roof trusses for increased head space in the loft space while the loft floor incorporates parallel chord floor...

project image - 40x50x22 Monitor Shop with Living Quarters #4260

40x50x22 Monitor Shop with Living Quarters #4260

Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 22 ft.
This Monitor style projects incorporates a loft floor adding valuable living space enjoyed by the owner.  The center section has an eave height of 22', while the lower shed sections have an eave height of 12'. (2) 10x12 and (1) 10x12 overhead doors provide plenty of access and numerous windows...

project image - 30x40x14 Shop with Lean-to #5576

30x40x14 Shop with Lean-to #5576

Dimensions: 30 x 40 x 14 ft.
This project features (2) 12x12 overhead doors, 2' roof overhangs and a 12' continuous pitch Lean-to.

project image - Pole Building Shop #5434

Pole Building Shop #5434

Dimensions: 40 x 50 x 16 ft.
This is a nice residential shop building ideal for all purpose storage. The (2) 12'x14' overhead doors allows for boat and/or RV storage.  The roof features 2' overhangs on all sides and a 48" cupola with a sailboat weathervane.  The roof is weathered cooper in color,  walls are...

project image - Rv Garage #5343

Rv Garage #5343

Dimensions: 36 x 50 x 16 ft.
This shop was designed to store a large RV.  The steeper 5:12 roof pitch along with 2' overhangs adds to the aesthetics.  Plywood roof sheathing was used under steel for additional strength.  The walls are insulated with R-7 vinyl backed fiberglass.  Garage door sizes are...

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