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Insulation is used in a heated building when energy efficiency is important.  Framing and insulation options need to be considered in the overall design of the structure.

Post Frame Building with Lean-To's | Steel Structures America

What we Offer

2.5” insulation is the most common used product for the typical Post Framed building. Laid with a white reinforced vinyl backing, the insulation blanket is attractive and economical. Rated at an R-7 it helps reduce heat transfer and condensation. All of our buildings come standard with the 2.5” insulation in the roof and can be added to the side wall as an additional...

A 6” insulation blanket can be used in the walls when commercial girts or a stud wall is used. See “Framing” options. The R-19 rating will greatly reduce heat transfer and will promote energy efficiency.

Blown-in roof insulation is commonly used when there is a ceiling. It’s blown over the top of the ceiling surface to the desired thickness. We use only professional insulation services to install this product.

Insulation blankets can be used between the roof purlins without the need of a framed ceiling. Because roof purlins vary in size, the thickness and R-value of the insulation will fluctuate accordingly.