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"We at Zanetti Bros., Inc. would like to take this opportunity to "Thank you" for your excellent service on our job site.  With your quick response to our need, we were able to successfully complete our new pre-mix batch plant building project.

We would be happy to recommend your services to our customers, family and friends, and will look to you for any of our future needs.

Again, thank you for a "job well done!"

-- Herb Zanetti

"I am really happy with everyone, from the salesman, CJ Lindquist who was excellent to work with, to the crew who were very precise, if it was't perfect they didn't do it.  I have several people stop by every month to take a look at my building.  I refer Steel Structures America to everyone who is interested!"

-- Vern Netz
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"When SSA builds a pole building, it's not just any pole building.  From start to finish, with organization, planning, and quality in mind, there were no short-cuts.  When it comes to price, do what I did: "Do the research."  SSA can't be beat!"

-- Lee Nordstrom
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"I planned on going stick frame.  My friend talked me into calling SSA and I'm glad I did.  Your pole building turned out beautiful and saved me over $10,000."

-- Mike Pierce
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"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new building.  The crew did an excellent job and the building looks great.

Shane and Troy were exceptionally detailed and accurate.  We often saw them measuring to make sure the poles were in the exact location, and making adjustments when a pole was off just a 1/4 inch.  They were also very efficient and organized, working as a well-oiled team.  Shane and Troy, and their team were very professional;  they arrived early, worked hard, cleaned up, and were pleasant to speak with.  Other crews that we have had on site, such as siding, drywall and insulation, have commented on what a good job the framers did.  We think Shane and Troy are outstanding framers; definitely one of the best.

We also enjoyed working with Chuck and Dave Harland.  Chuck always responded quickly to our inquiries and was patient, regardless of how many times we discussed something.  We appreciated and were thankful for Dave's insights, suggestions, and building knowledge. We're glad they were part of the team.

All in all, you have a great team, from sales through construction.  We enjoyed the project and would highly recommend your company to others.  We would appreciate it if you would please pass this letter on to the president of Steel Structures.  Thank you again for the great building!"

-- Dennis and Peggy Schweikhardt

"Steel Structures built over 43,000 square feet of industrial buldings for me and I was very happy with their work.  The project turned out to be very attractive and I receive compliments constantly.  Our Dakota Park sales have exceeded projections.  Steel Structures stood by their word and always followed up when there were small issues after a job was completed.  I would recommend them to anyone."

-- William Robinette
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"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the construction of our shop.  It was such a pleasure dealing with you as you were so friendly and answered some rather dumb questions at times, did so with patience and explained anything we had questions about so kindly.

We were impressed with your dedication and attention to detail.  We appreciated your timeliness, professionalism and courtesy.

The end result is really great.  Congratulations on a job well done.  Should you need a recommendation in the future, please do not hesitate to call on us.

Again, we thank you so much.  We are so pleased."

-- Arnold & Judie Mueller

"I wanted to share my experinces with Craig and his crew on my recent shop construction.

Craig, Marco and Dunn were extremely hard working and diligent, paying close attention to details.  I appreciated their efforts and willingness to give me their thoughts on various things such as placement of windows, grading and other construction matters.  I realize to some people this may only be a shop and sweating the details may be perceived as compulsive, however, bottom line it is a costly investment to which I expected first-rate results and was not disappointed.

In today's humanity, it is rare to find individuals who appreciate customer service and strive to meet and surpass customer expectations.  In asking for certain outcomes, regardless of how insignificant they may seem, I believe those people who go that extra mile to accomplish such outcomes are individuals of  genuine integrity and character.

I would highly recommend Craig and his crew to anyone considering shop constructon in the near future."

-- Brian & Tanya Jerome

"Our shop is just beautiful.  Your men did a great job.  It is an art when you are good at what you do and they were very good.  it has been a pleasure working with everyone of you guys.  You started the process and made us feel taken care of as a customer.  Each step was very smooth for us.  We think the workmanship is the best.  Your owner needs to know that the people he has are very good and help make their company very solid.  Thank you very much for all you have done and please thank Guillermo and his crew again for their special talents.   I believe that when you do anything, you need to do it well.  You and all the others obviously share the same work ethic.  We do appreciate everything and that our special requests were done.  Thank you very much again."

-- Louie & Sue Hoglund

"We just wanted to send a note of thanks for the great job done by Steve Markley, Frank Murinko and Shawn (sorry, didn't get his last name!) on the addition to, and the re-siding of our garage.  Not only were they very courteous, and did a very nice job on what they were supposed to do, but they took care of a couple of glitches in the initial order so that everything ran smoothly.

I also want to mention that whoever the gentlemen was that came and picked up your sign and did the clean-up was also very courteous.  He made sure we were happy with everything before he left.

We happened to have overpaid and I don't think I have ever received a refund check from a company as quickly as we did from your office!  We sincerely appreciated this kind of service."

-- Charleen Martin & Glen Kenoyer

"Recently, my wife and I hired Steel Structures America to install a 30x40 garage on our property.  You read all the time about how many customers feel that they didn't get what they paid for in a bid.  Boy, were we surprised!

The business office called us in advance of workmen being on the work site; kept us informed of delays and why (weather mostly); and asked us repeatedly on how the construction was going and if the crews were "conducting themselves" properly.  We were very impressed with their communication.

We are pleased with the finished product and have nothng but high marks for this company and their service.  In fact, to punctuate their service, they brought a crew out and power washed the finished garage--they wanted it to look nice before we took possession!  We are happy to recommend them to anyone interested in constructing a steel building.  They are a quality business with a very qualified staff and sub-contractors."

-- Steve & Linda Casey

"I would like to send along a huge "thank you" for the job your company did on our steel building project at 3904 E. Wellesley in Spokane.  From my first contact with you, I was very impressed with you and your company's commitment to professionalism and attention to detail.  You told me that if there was ever any problem, no matter how small, to let you know and you wold handle it, and you did that far beyond my expectations.  I have worked with many contractors over the years and you folks are certainly among the very best.

I hope you will pass along my thanks to all of the various sub-contractors and suppliers who were involved in our project.  All were cordial, helpful, professional, and highly qualified.  Both you and Shawn Sternberg contacted me on a regular basis to keep me informed about scheduling for the various phases and to make sure I was happy with how it was going.  Kelly Graham at Discount Lumber was very helpful with additional information and top-notch materials.  Your concrete guys did exceptional work and gladly helped me with an additional little project, a pad for our sliding gate.  And a special "thank you" to Shane VanGerpen at VHS Construction whose crew did a superior job installing the poles and trusses, did the framing and metal application, and oversaw all of the finishing touches.  Shane explained everything that was happening as the project was progressing and kept a close eye on the quality of both the construction and the materials.  The bulding is straight, level and plumb to near-perfection.

We are planning to have several additional steel buildings constructed over the next few years and there is no doubt that we will be asking SSA to do that work for us.  We just couldn't be happier with every aspect of this project.  The attached photos will provide an example of how good the finished structure looks.

We would be happy to have folks come by and take a look at our building and talk to us about our experience with your company.  If they let me know they are coming, I'll even be glad to show them around inside.

Thanks again for everything."

-- Sean Mahar

"I just wanted to take a few moments to say how happy we are with our building.  My husband works for Graham Construction in the commercial division and so he sees a lot of buildings.  He is so pleased with the workmanship and quality of our building.  Neighbors drive down the driveway to see it.  They watched the process of the workmen and were amazed at how quickly it went up.  The crew was great.  They were polite, friendly and really knew their business.  We couldn't be happier!  We tell all our friends and co-workers about it!  Thanks for such a wonderful job!  We love our building!"

-- Carl & Joanne Clausen

"This letter is to thank all the people behind the scenes on the construction of my shop.  It was built with lightning-like speed.  The crews were some of the nicest guys I have had the opportunity to deal with.  They did everything I expected and more.  They also kept the site clean and neat.  The whole project went exactly as planned, exactly when it supposed to and any difficulty was worked through in hours.  The concrete job was above and beyond what I had expected.  I have never had a project go so well.  The whole shop's fit and the finish is some of the finest I have seen and I reserached for over a year looking at other people's shops and browsing over the Internet.  Thank you again and if ever you need a reference, send them my way."

-- Max Rutger

"What a great pleasure it has been to do business with a company who employs professionals of the quality of SSA.  From sales through the pouring of concrete, customer service and coordination has been of extraoridnary quality.  SSA excels, indeed, sets the pattern for the delivery of customer service in the construction industry.  This has been a well-coordinated, top-quality construction project."

-- Ronald & Ann Rowe

"I have been a contractor all my life and have heard about SSA's reputation.  I understand they have built thousands of buildings and, after my experience, I know they will be around to build thousands more.  I have added a lean-to and will add 32' off the back using SSA.  My neighbors were so jealous that two of them bought buildings from SSA and both turned out just as nice as mine."

-- Rick Patrick

"We were truly amazed at how accurate of a job the crew did.  Thank you to the staff of SSA for your check-up calls to make sure we were satisfied with the job the crew was doing.

We appreciated the professionalism which the crew maintained during the building process.  We will not hesitate recommending SSA to anyone we meet or associate with who are looking for a company with the utmost professionalism such as yours. 

Great job, great crew and great staff!"

-- Rick & Carol Allmon
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