Monitor Pole Building W/ Lean-to #6061

Project #6061

 The pole building has a Monitor-style layout with additional features.  The main portion of the project is 36'x50'x16', flanked by 12'x50'x10' enclosed lean-to (shed) on either side.  Off the back wall of the structure is another 12'x60' open lean-to.  The roof lines intersect with a hip creating a continuous roof line.  There are (2) 14'x14' and (2) 10'x8 overhead doors.  2' roof overhangs all the way around accentuate the off-set roof lines.  The exterior walls have a two tone 4' wainscot panel.


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Width: 36 ft.
Length: 50 ft.
Height: 16 ft.


623 Shadbolt road
Yakima, WA

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