Siding, Roofing, and Decorative Upgrades

Make a basic building aesthetically pleasing with our popular and economical exterior options.  You can see thousands of pictures featuring our customized building enhancements.  Looking good is a click away.

  • 2' Roof Overhangs with Fascia and Soffits

    2The roof overhang option is a very popular architectural feature.  It will give the average building a more custom upscale look.  Our overhangs come fully enclosed with a fascia and soffit trim package.  Aside from looking good it also helps to direct snow and rain away from windows, doors, and walls for added weather protection.

  • Wainscot Wall Panels

    Wainscot Wall Panels The wainscot option is for more decorative purposes.   On buildings with taller side walls the two tone effect helps breaks up a large monotone area making it more visually appealing.  

  • Metal Cupola and Weathervanes

    Metal Cupola and WeathervanesThe decorative cupola is paint matched in 5 sizes, 24”, 36”, 48”, 66”, and 48” octagon.  Choose between the traditional louver style or sides with windows and grids.  The weathervanes come in more than a dozen stocked styles, all black in color.  Over 50 painted special order styles are available.  Give your building that special country appearance...
  • 29 Gauge Rolled Rib Steel Roof and Wall Panel

    29 Gauge Rolled Rib Steel Roof and Wall PanelRolled rib steel panels are used to side and roof a large majority of our buildings.  The 29 gauge steel panels are 36” wide and come in a vast array of colors. The profile is low with color matched exposed fasteners.  The silicon impregnated paint system comes with a minimum 40 year warranty.  This is the least expensive siding and roofing option and it is virtually...
  • 26 Gauge Loc-Rib Architectural Roof Panel

    26 Gauge Loc-Rib Architectural Roof PanelThe Loc-rib roof panel is an upgraded roofing system.  Mostly used in commercial applications this raised ribbed panel conceals the fasteners by over lapping adjoining panels and snapping together where the fasteners and panels meet.  The panels are 16” wide and must be applied over the top of a solid wood roof deck.  With the fasteners hidden, the roof looks clean and...
  • Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl SidingVinyl siding is plastic exterior cladding used as an alternative to traditional wood, fiber cement, and metal siding.  This product is also widely used to side residential homes because of its cost effectiveness, durability and life expectancy.  Many of our customers live in developments wherein restrictive covenants are enforced and the siding and or roofing must match the home....
  • Fiber Cement Lap Siding

    Fiber Cement Lap SidingFiber cement is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers.  This product was designed to imitate wood lap siding with much less maintenance required.  A 2x6, 16” on center stud with wood sheeting must be used in conjunction with this siding product.  Fiber cement can be pre-stained before installation or painted after.

  • Wood Siding

    Wood SidingPlywood siding could be used as an inexpensive option for wall covering.  Installation is relatively simple, attaching directly to a girted framed wall.  T1-11 can come with grooves to imitate vertical ship lap siding.  Rough sawn plywood can also be used along with battens to be stained or painted to give a unique rustic appearance.  Cedar lap siding consists of overlapping...
  • Architectural Composition Roofing

    Architectural Composition RoofingAsphalt shingles are commonly referred to as composition roofing.  It is the most widely used roofing material for residential homes.  This roofing product must be applied over a solid wood decking, i.e. plywood or OSB.  This option is used when matching an existing home or structure.
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