Roof Styles and Designs

When it comes to our building styles, a distinctive look will make a dream building come true.  The basic gable style is the most commonly used for garages and shops.  The Gambrel style is a very attractive roof design and it optimizes usable second story space.  A monitor style building is ideal for upper storage or living quarters.

  • Gable

    GableA standard gable is a straight slope falling from the ridge to the eave creating a triangle.  The peak is usually centered.  Our standard degree of slope or steepness is a 4:12 pitch.  A steeper pitch is an option for those who want additional storage space or to increase the likelihood that snow will shed.  Some people simply prefer the appearance a steeper pitch...
  • Monitor

    MonitorA monitor building has a center gable section raised above two sheds.  The vertical wall area separating the shed and gable roof can be used to provide natural light.  A loft floor can be incorporated under the raised gable to provide floor space for storage or a specific purpose room.  The sheds on each side can serve many functions, for example: stalls, tack rooms, wash bays, and...
  • Gambrel

    GambrelA Gambrel or “barn” style roof is simply a gable roof with a change in slope partway up the roof.  This unique look gives the Gambrel building a country or farm appearance.  The truss design can create a broad upper story to maximize the usable floor space in the attic.  A loft floor can be incorporated for the use of a storage or bonus room. 

  • Custom

    CustomMany different options and configurations are available to suit individual needs or wants.  Steel Structures America employs professional designers and engineers capable of complimenting any highly personal directives in the type or layout of construction.  Please review some of our most recent work.

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