Insulation is used in a heated building when energy efficiency is important.  Framing and insulation options need to be considered in the overall design of the structure.

  • 2.5" Vinyl Backed Fiberglass Roof and Wall Insulation

    2.5" Vinyl Backed Fiberglass Roof and Wall Insulation2.5” insulation is the most common used product for the typical Post Framed building.  Laid with a white reinforced vinyl backing, the insulation blanket is attractive and economical.  Rated at an R-7 it helps reduce heat transfer and condensation.  All of our buildings come standard with the 2.5” insulation in the roof and can be added to the side wall as an additional...
  • R-19 Batt Wall Insulation

    A 6” insulation blanket can be used in the walls when commercial girts or a stud wall is used. See “Framing” options.  The R-19 rating will greatly reduce heat transfer and will promote energy efficiency.  

  • R-38 Blown-in Roof Insulation

    Blown in roof insulation is commonly used when there is a ceiling.  It’s blown over the top of the ceiling surface to a desired thickness. We use only professional insulation services to install this product. 

  • R-19 and R-30 Roof Insulation

    R-19 and R-30 Roof InsulationInsulation blankets can be used between the roof purlins without the need of a framed ceiling.  Because roof purlins vary in size, the thickness and R value of the insulation will fluctuate accordingly.  

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